EDGAR Online Global Reports
EDGAR Online expands global company coverage by putting international corporate intelligence at your fingertips. Annual Reports and Interim Reports from over 14,000 publicly traded companies are now available in full color PDF format. Coverage that is 25% domestic (US) and 75% international (non-US) is provided in partnership with Global Reports LLC.
Comprehensive - Global Reports supplements our SEC filings by adding information not found in Annual or Quarterly filings such as the President's Letter, charts and graphs, plus hard-to-find footnotes regarding stock options, pension plans and accounting policy changes.
Coverage includes U.S. and non-U.S. public companies from 45 countries with Annual Reports, from 1996 - present.
Multiple Documents - Five types of reports are available: Annual Reports, Annual Report Summaries, Financials, Interim Reports and Prospectuses. Approximately 90% of the documents come from online sources, and are indexed and posted to the database on the same day. For the remaining documents, data is available within 3-5 days of the filing.
Easy to Use - Effortless navigation enables simple searching by Company name as well as Advanced Searching by Company, Country, Exchange or Index.
High Quality - Global Reports provides the highest quality, full color images available. The documents are all keyword searchable and their small file size means faster download times.
Timely - Global Reports is the most current source source of online international reports in full-color, native PDF format.
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