EDGAR Explorer offers administrators the ability to control many aspects of their system. From entering the system, to controlling access and tracking usage, EDGAR Explorer offers all of the tools necessary to manage any implementation.
To begin with, EDGAR Explorer uses a Username and Password system for initial entry into our system.
Once a Username and Password have been entered, a user is issued a Session ID that must be used in any call used to retrieve data. Session IDs can be issued to individual users as well as web servers that host sites using EDGAR Explorer. An invalid Session ID will create errors and the user will not be able to retrieve data.
EDGAR Explorer can be permissioned with different levels of access. Clients access and pay for only the data and calls that they need. For example a firm that tracks only NASDAQ listed securities can be set up to only have access to filings that relate to NASDAQ listed firms. This access can be maintained by EDGAR Online or by the client.
As with most sites some of the most important questions involve who is using the system and how utilize it. EDGAR Explorer offers the ability to track system usage and get reports that can be used for client billing or department bill back.
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